Carthian Hill is a property owned by Jim and Maddy Adams on the western fringe of the Liverpool Plains NSW Australia.

The property consists of 900ha native Box Gum Grassy Woodland communities, listed as a critically endangered community and protected under Commonwealth Law. This land is used to graze our fully grassfed Poll Hereford and Santa Gertrudis cattle herd. There is a further 200ha, which is cultivated land used to grow fodder and grain crops (wheat, oats, faba beans) and our Garlic.

We have been growing garlic since 2009 when a small crop was grown in Maddy’s garden. We had excellent results in our deep fertile soils, so decided to experiment in the paddock (Jim’s Garden). We have had mixed results over the years as we learn the tricks and traps but have now reached a stage where we are able to offer commercial quantities of our beautiful Australian garlic for sale.

Since 2014 we have been supplying selected Sydney retailers and as we expand our production base we look to extend our distribution also.

We are very excited about our garlic crop this year which we are offering in our custom made hessian pouches. Not only do they look great, they are also perfect for storing garlic. They provide a dark, breathable space that will maximise the life of your garlic, helping to maintain a crisp texture and fresh taste. They are made from natural fibres and are fully biodegradable.